10 keys to fat loss to help you in 2023;

Losing fat is not easy I mean it takes YEARS to actually become overweight in the first place, so of course, reversing it takes hard work and a holistic approach.

Have a read and reach out to ask me any questions about any of them.

In the comments below I’ve gone into more detail with a blog as well 

1. Have a specific goal and WHY 

2. Get into a calorie deficit

3. Eat high-quality unprocessed foods

4. Have a diet high in protein

5. Increase your walking (NEAT)

**I reckon 10,000 steps minimum a day, a lot of people online will say 7,500 but I reckon they are lowing the target so people we actually do it lol.

6. Train Strength 3 – 5 Times a week

7. Track your metrics very regularly

8. Improve your sleep (quality + quantity) 

9. Increase your resilience to stress

10. Train your aerobic system 2 x a week

PS: None of it can happen without number 2.

If you think you are in number 2 and you are doing everything else properly and you’re still not losing weight, then you are not in number 2.