How To Invest in Your Health and Fitness 
If the recent upheaval in the world has taught us one thing, it’s that the quality of your health and fitness is crucial to your long-term well-being and success.
Investing in it can, however, be a minefield, with a myriad of options available to you!
How do you make sure you’re getting the right advice and choosing the option that best suits your needs?
 Here’s our 5-stage plan for investing in your Health and Fitness
What are the options?
Do your homework first. To be successful with your health and fitness goals, you’re going to need to commit to 12-18 months of investment.
You wouldn’t spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on a degree without some initial research, don’t do the same with your health and fitness.
PRO TIP – Pick three or four local options and check out their social media feeds. Is their message consistent with who you are and what you want to achieve?
Can you find out more in person?
Does the facility you choose have someone you can talk to?
Your success is going to be related to the person who helps you, so you want to meet with them before investing.
You’d attend an open day at an education provider before selecting your course. Your health and fitness goals deserve the same respect.
PRO TIP – The options you pick should have an initial one on one consultation that you can attend.
Do they listen to you?
A man much smarter than me taught me the following:
– A great coach does 30% of the talking and 70% of the listening.
– A good coach does 50-50
– A coach who does more than 50% of the talking is a salesman, not a coach.
You should be doing most of the talking.
 You’re investing more than just money here. You’re committing your mental and emotional well-being so you should be doing the talking.
Do they ask about factors outside of the gym?
Your sleep, nutrition and mindset are all going to be factored into your success.
PRO TIP – When you meet, if they do all the talking, run! The initial consult is about you, not about how great they are, or how quickly they can get you signed up.
Is the prescription logical?
Does it sound like something you can trust?
Whether you’re new to fitness or a veteran, there should be a 1-1 option, to begin with.
Does the plan involve nutrition coaching?
You can burn calories anywhere, but if you don’t know the right balance to consume, you’ll struggle to achieve long-term success.
PRO TIP – If the plan doesn’t focus on you being successful in the long term, it’s probably the wrong place for you.
Putting it into practice!
You’ve got the start sorted, but what about the after-sales support?
If your investment is going to grow, there needs to be accountability.
The program that will deliver you long-term success will include regular goal reviews and planning for the future.
PRO TIP If you’re getting thrown straight into a group, or straight onto the gym floor without talking about the above, abort!
 Your investment strategy frames your long-term success.
Start with a sound strategy and you’re far more likely to experience long-term success.
Start with an emotion-driven snap decision and you’ll be back on the cycle of boom and bust.
You’re playing a long-term strategy.
Let’s have long-term conversations.
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