New Year, New You? Why Waiting for January Could Set You Back

By Nate Boley / November 7, 2023

As we edge closer to the end of the year and our holiday feasts start taking center stage, it’s all too easy to hit the pause button on our fitness and nutrition goals. The allure of a fresh start come January 1st is strong, but is it really the ideal time to kickstart your health ambitions? I’m here to tell you, as the owner of Strength Warehouse Gym in Bend, Oregon, that waiting might actually be setting you up for a steeper climb. Let’s talk about why keeping up with your health regimen throughout the holiday season is not just beneficial for your physique but also for your morale, and how it can distinguish you from the herd when the New Year’s resolutions crowd storms in.

  1. Momentum is Precious – Keep It Going

Consistency is Key: Think of your fitness and nutrition efforts as a locomotive gathering speed. If you take a break now, you’ll have to put in extra effort to get back to this point in January. Avoid the January Overwhelm: Every January, my gym, Strength Warehouse Gym, sees an influx of new and returning faces. Maintain your routine now, and you’ll be in a solid groove by the time the New Year’s crowd arrives, sparing yourself the stress and the wait for equipment.

  1. Manageable Indulgences Over Major Overhauls

80/20 Rule: I’m a firm believer in balance. Stick to your fitness and nutrition plan 80% of the time, and you can still relish your holiday treats without the remorse or the need for extreme measures down the line. Controlled Celebrations: Mastering the art of indulging within limits now can help you develop sustainable habits that last long after the holiday lights dim.

  1. Holiday Stress and Your Secret Weapon

Exercise as an Outlet: At Strength Warehouse Gym, we see workouts as an essential stress reliever during the busy holiday season. Keeping up with regular exercise can help you stay serene and in control, no matter what the holidays throw at you. Nutrition Affects Mood: I always remind our members that a balanced diet is crucial for keeping your mood and energy levels steady, which is especially important when juggling holiday activities and commitments.

  1. The Gift of Health is Evergreen

Set a Positive Example: As a leader in our community, I encourage you to be a beacon of inspiration. Invite friends and family to join you in your health journey, transforming holiday gatherings into chances for group workouts and nutritious feasts. Holiday Specials: We’re rolling out holiday deals on nutrition and fitness products at Strength Warehouse Gym. It’s the perfect opportunity to gear up or try new supplements to give your goals an early boost.

  1. Enter the New Year with Confidence

No Starting Over: While others are grappling with the post-holiday blues, you’ll be advancing on your fitness path with pride and certainty, thanks to your dedication. Celebrating Real Progress: Picture ringing in not just a New Year but celebrating new achievements in your fitness and health endeavors. Stay committed now, and those milestones will be within reach come January. The calendar is just a series of pages—the commitment you’ve made to your health and the pride you take in your progress shouldn’t hinge on a date. Let’s revolutionize the New Year’s resolution by resolving not to wait. Keep up with your plan through the holidays, and spring into January with vigor, strength, and a significant lead on those “New Year, New Me” objectives. Your future self will be grateful for the insight.

Here at Strength Warehouse Gym, we’re more than just a gym; we’re a community that thrives all year round. Let’s make this holiday season count!

Your Health is up to you, Nate Boley