Why We Don’t Offer Free Trials at Our Gym: A Different Approach to Fitness

In the bustling fitness industry, free trials are almost synonymous with gym memberships. It’s the norm, the expected offering to lure potential clients through the door. But what if I told you there’s a gym in Bend, Oregon, breaking away from this common practice? That’s right. At our gym, we don’t offer free trials. And here’s why.

Firstly, let’s address the elephant in the room: longevity and success. We’re proud to be the longest-standing strength-oriented gym in Bend. But how did we achieve this status? By shunning the common path. We realized that following the herd won’t set us apart. It won’t help us fulfill our mission of aiding over 5000 individuals in overcoming chronic disease and obesity.

Now, let’s talk about commitment. Offering free trials may attract foot traffic, but does it foster commitment? We don’t think so. Think about your experience at a Costco or Sam’s Club, sampling goodies without any intention of making a purchase. It’s the same principle. Free trials often attract those merely seeking a fleeting experience, not genuine change.

At our gym, we prioritize commitment over foot traffic. We want individuals who are serious about transforming their lives. That’s why we offer free consultations instead. These sessions are tailored to address all concerns and doubts, ensuring a clear understanding of our approach and suitability.

But what if we’re not the right fit for you? No worries. Our mission extends beyond our four walls. We’re dedicated to your success, even if it means directing you to a gym better suited to your needs. It’s not about the money for us; it’s about providing unparalleled service that yields real results.

Ultimately, we don’t offer free trials because they don’t serve your goals or your time. We believe in a more personalized approach, one that prioritizes commitment and genuine transformation. So, if you’re ready to join a gym as committed to your goals as you are, jump into a free no sweat intro today

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